Hotel Turingia
1060 28 street
Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 2291420526
WhatsApp 2291418836
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Turingia Hotel, Miramar, Atlantic Coast

The Hotel Turingia is one of the most beautiful in the city of Miramar, its construction dates from 1957 and has opened continuously since then.

The Hotel

Opened in 1958, its construction was carried out in several stages, reaching its present form in 1964. From 2010 remains open all year.

This building has been home for more than 50 years several generations of clients attracted by the convenience and warmth of care, returning to Turingia Hotel season after season, making eyewitness to their own growth and maturation, first as individuals and then as families.

Today, with a new administration in the hands of the third generation of the founder, the commitment of warmth and quality of services they had in the beginning is renewed.

Located in the most exclusive area of the city, just steps from the pedestrian street, the Casino and the central squares, next to the City Hall and 700 meters from the beach.

Come and meet our new service proposals now open all year.

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