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City of Miramar

The city of Children

Located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, in the fertile southeast of the province, the city of Miramar offers natural settings surrounded by forest, countryside and sea. Only 40 km from Mar del Plata the city grew strongly as a summer destination, becoming one of the most significant tourist references in the country in recent years. Positioning also, as a place of conventions and events of varied nature throughout the year.

With its wide beaches and modern facilities, the city has more than 40 spas that offer heated swimming pools, tents and sunshades, solarium, sauna, massage rooms, games rooms for the little ones, nurseries, wifi internet, barbecue areas, lounges, showers and changing rooms, restaurants, jacuzzis, parking lots and even libraries. In addition to musical attractions and recitals, and the classic sporting events such as beach volleyball championships, rugby seven, surf and soccer tournaments, bodyboarding, kite surfing, diving, kayaking, windsurfing, rowing, jet skiing, boat rides and canoes.

Along with its 18 km of coastline is added an interesting range of options. The Dunicola Nursery Forest "Florentino Ameghino", is a spectacular site of 500 has with pines, eucalyptus, acacias and aromos that surrounds the city from the south. This afforestation created in 1923 with the purpose of fixing the dunes, is added a variety of excellent gastronomic and recreational services. With activities such as horseback riding, treks for the medanos, wall climbing and rappel descent, sandboarding and quad bike trips, 4x4 trucks, mountain byke, buggy, day and night trekking, fourtrax extreme and biking adventure. It also has the Energy Forest, a place with dense vegetation that prevents the passage of the sun, governed by enigmatic properties and perfumed with fresh and wild smells.

In addition to the sea and fishing, rural tourism is present. The quintas, cabins and estancias, with their landscapes and homemade farm products, become an ideal country setting that surrounds the city.

The beauty of its surroundings and location make Cardón Miramar Links another of the places to visit. This authentic club allows you to enjoy the best golf on a true natural landscape, having as limit the imposing cliffs in the best Scottish classic style. Unique in all South America.

For the warm nights the pedestrian "9 de Julio" and the central squares are in the sights of tourists, with street shows, craft fairs and shops, such as shopping and fashion stores, cafes, ice cream parlors, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, cinemas, parks and theaters.

Miramar is a modern and cultural city, with qualities of sea, forest and countryside, which merge to express a prominent place of the Atlantic Coast of Argentina.