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Whale Watching Southern Austral Whales

Great attraction of our beaches in Winter and Spring.

This population of southern right whales, which year after year is present in our coasts, is one of the most beautiful attractions for those who visit our city in the months of June to November, enjoying its jumps and jets of water and foam at close range . For at least a decade they have chosen our beaches to rest, feed and interact with each other.

For this reason the Municipality of General Alvarado has celebrated in 2013 an agreement with the "Cethus" Foundation , the most outstanding in Argentina and Latin America in the whale watching, in charge of investigating the recognition and census of the specimens that arrive to the coasts.

This foundation has the project "Ballena Franca Austral" in order to evaluate the presence of the species outside the known areas of reproduction and establish their migratory routes, as has been done for a decade in the province of Santa Cruz.

Since its creation in 1992, the main activities focus on research, education and public outreach. It also provides support to the relevant authorities in the implementation of marine resource management policies; thus contemplating the conservation of cetaceans and the promotion of non-lethal use of them for the benefit of coastal communities.

Through its researchers the foundation officially began its campaign with sightings from the coast of Miramar, with field work to have more certainty about this true phenomenon of nature. Also, to determine why in the last years they increased their permanence in front of our coasts.

Visitors who wish to do so may collaborate in this investigation by completing the forms on sightings that are withdrawn from the Tourist Information Office of the Tourism Department of the city, located at Av. Costanera and Peatonal 9 de Julio.

Enjoy the city all year round and do not miss a stunning natural spectacle !!!

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