History of "Mira Mar"

District of General Alvarado. Before the Foundation.

Since before 1830, some families of pioneers, attracted by the wealth of these lands, ventured to gain space to the "desert", a name that encompassed much of the Province of Buenos Aires held by its original inhabitants (pampas aborigines, Mapuche and Querandi, among others).

One of the first families to settle in this area was the Otamendi Family, with Carlos Otamendi and his wife Dionisia Byron (mother of the village founder of Comandante Nicanor Otamendi, Mrs. Balbina Josefina Otamendi, originally called "Dionisia" in honor of his mother). They built (halfway between the current towns of Miramar and Cte. Nicanor Otamendi) the estancia called "La linda de Chamuní" (in homage to the beauty of their mother), which later, thanks to the pillage and the eleven fires attributed to malones, is popularly known as "El Infierno", the burned house being the primitive, composed of a large kitchen and large bedroom.

According to the records, this was the first agricultural establishment of the Southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires, as well as the first school in the area and post, allowing with its presence the installation of other establishments such as the "La Ballenera" ranch, in the district known as "Monsalvo's Party".

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