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How to get to the City

The most used way to arrive to our city is the route 11 that will bring it from the city of Mar del Plata, the road is bordered by pines, eucalyptus and acacias, making the trip a pleasant walk (in fact, in this area is called Costanero del Sur Promenade), in some places the attractive landscape of the mountains opens to let see the sea from the route.

The alternative routes are: route 77 which is reached by route 88 that connects Mar del Plata with Necochea (leaving Mar del Plata route 88 is the continuation of Av. Campagnat), and the paved road Independencia or Camino Old which is the continuation of the Av. Independencia of the city of Mar del Plata.

Several collective transport companies also arrive in Miramar, most of them depart from the Retiro station in the Federal Capital although some do it from other points, there are companies that arrive here directly from Córdoba and from Bahía Blanca.

In summer season there is a regular train service with a daily trip to Miramar (the other trips arrive only to Mar del Plata), usually these trips begin with more recurrence in December and extend until March, having a regular service during all year. The trains depart from the Constitución de CABA station.

Also during the summer season there is usually a regular service of cabotage flights that reach the local airport.

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