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Did you know that children under 12 do not pay in Miramar?

The "All Inclusive Children" promotion campaign is mainly aimed at children under 12 years old within a typical family, DO NOT PAY RATES for accommodation , gastronomy , transportation and entertainment services for 33 days, between long weekends and holidays. Miramar winter 2018.

People who want to enjoy the benefit so that their children do not pay - families of 2 (two) adults and 2 (two) minors -, should approach the local Tourism Secretary, and / or at the Los Gallegos shopping stand. Mar del Plata located on the first floor in front of the store access Los Gallegos (food court), in the latter case the long weekends and winter holidays, you can get the corresponding coupon for the service they want to use.

Benefit at the Hotel

The corresponding service refers to type families, 2 (two) adults and 2 (two) minors, families with children who do not exceed 12 years and deliver the coupon to trade will get a free bed for each of them, according to the Kids All Inclusive promotion.

(*) We recommend making the reservation by telephone so you do not have problems in obtaining the service.

See the benefits and promotions of transportation, gastronomy and entertainment in the All Inclusive Promotion of the Tourism Secretariat of Miramar.

Tourism of Miramar.